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Faculty Cart
Simple Cart Design With The Intentions Of Making It More Efficient When Carrying Books, Computers, Handouts, And Other Peripherals To And From Office And Classroom. Utilizing Sketch Iteration Techniques, SolidWorks, And KeyShot To Create A 1/4 Scale, Laser Cut, Model Of My Design.
Fidget Water Bottle
Given Task Of Observing OSU Students And Create a Liquid Vessel That Addresses A Specific User Scenario. Utilizing Design Research Methods And Thumbnail Sketching In Regard To Such Observed Scenario. Exploring Prototyping Methods, Working With: Foam, Bristol Paper, Foam Core, And Acrylic. Completing Our Bottle With SolidWorks And KeyShot Renderings.
Desk Organizer
Designing An Object Within The Inherent Constraints Of A Manufacturing Process. Designing A Personal Desk Organizer, To Be Constructed From Laser-Cut Plywood. Following Rounds Of Thumbnails And Time Spent Working With SolidWorks And KeyShot, I Created the Build-Plan For my Organizer. All That Was Left Was to Put the Pieces Together!
Perfume Vessels
Utilizing Sketching Techniques In Designing a Perfume Vessel; Process Of Selecting Thumbnail Concepts and Making Them Full-Blown Designs. Refining The Details Focusing On Color And Value.
Exercise Used Through Analog Sketching And Working In The Digital Space. Focusing On: Construction, Color, Shading, And Perspective. Developing My Own Style Of Sketching While Also Observing Other Designers For Reference.
Analog Game Design
Execution Of Concept Iteration And Sketching to Create An Analog Game Implementing Mechanics And Aesthetics.
Gift Design
Interview And Research Design Philosophies That Would Encourage Successful Design Properties. Design A Gift Specifically For An Individual Using Such Philosophies. Use The Techniques That Reflect Their Interests And Personal Perspectives Into The Gift.
Orthographic Construction
Visualize And Imagine Various Three-Dimensional Forms, Remaining Consistent In The Use Of Drawing Techniques And Following The Specific Constraints.
2D Squares to 3D Cubes
Analyze Ideas Under A Common Goal While Attempting To Iterate At A Rapid Pace To Generate Ideas. Select And Compare Ideas On A Larger Scale, Then Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Each Iteration Against The Proposed Constraints.
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